Welcome to the official site of the New Zealand Jet Boat Racing Association

The NZJBRRA controls and governs the exciting sport of Jet Boat River Racing. River racing is a pure adrenaline rush where Race boats navigate the challenging waterways of New Zealand at speeds of up to 140mph. Nerves of steel and total mechanical reliability are essential to success in one of the most challenging action packed sports around.



Next Event:

2015 Southland Twin Rivers Race


Coming Events

JBNZ branches in conjunction with NZJBRRA proudly present The Interprovincial Circuit and National events for 2015. For further information please see the Events Calendar.

– Canadian World Event  16-25 July

– Southland Race  22-23 August

- 2015 NZ Marathon 18-24 October

– Blanchard Race Waimakariri 28 November